1. About Oraan

Learn about how Oraan is making money simple for everyone, everywhere 

1.1 What is an Oraan Committee?

Oraan Committee is the digital version of regular committees or beesees. 

The difference is that with us, you have more options

You can choose your preferred

  • Monthly installment amount. This is the amount you will save every month
  • Payout month. This is the month in which you will get your total savings
  • Duration.. You can save for either 5 months or 10 months
  • Start month. This is the month in which your OC will start. 

Once you have made your choices, Oraan will create an OC plan for you that suits your needs.


  • What is an Oraan Committee (OC)?
    • Oraan Committee is a digital savings platform where members pool their savings together to achieve financial goals. It’s a modern adaptation of traditional committees or beesees.
  • How does an OC work?
    • Members contribute a fixed amount monthly into a collective pool. Each month, one member receives the total payout based on your accepted slot.
  • What are the benefits of joining an OC?
    • Members can save systematically towards a specific goal without the need for loans or interest payments. It promotes financial discipline and allows for flexible saving options.
  • Can I choose my contribution amount?
    • Yes, you can choose your monthly installment amount based on your financial capacity and savings goals.
  • How do I receive my payout?
    • The payout month is determined based on your verified profile information. You can get your amount in your bank account or mobile wallet!
  • What are the duration options for an OC?
    • You can opt to save for either 5 months or 10 months, depending on your savings goal and timeline.
  • Can I start an OC at any time?
    • You can select the start month that suits you best to begin your savings journey with an OC.
  • Is Oraan a loan app?
    • No, Oraan is not a loan app. It’s a savings platform where members contribute and receive savings collectively, without involving interest or debt.
  • How is Oraan different from traditional committees?
    • Oraan offers more flexibility in terms of choosing installment amounts, payout months, duration, and start months compared to traditional committees.
  • Is membership in Oraan Committees open to everyone?
    • Yes, anyone can join Oraan Committees, but participants are verified to ensure transparency and security within the platform.
  • Is Oraan Halal?
    • Yes, Oraan operates on principles that are compliant with Islamic finance. It does not involve interest (riba) or speculative investments, making it a Shariah-compliant savings platform.
  • Is Oraan Safe?
    • Yes, Oraan prioritizes the safety and security of members’ funds and personal information. We use robust encryption and verification processes to ensure a secure platform for all members.
  • Is membership in Oraan Committees open to everyone?
    • Yes, anyone can join Oraan Committees, but participants must be verified to ensure transparency and security within the platform.

Join Oraan Committee today and start achieving your financial goals with flexibility and security! With options to choose your monthly savings amount, payout month, and duration, Oraan offers a modern and shariah compliant way to save without loans or interest. Join a community committed to financial discipline and collective savings. Your financial future begins here with Oraan!

1.2 How to Signup - Video

1.3 What does it mean to be part of the Oraan Community?

Oraan Community is a safe space of Savers who have come together to achieve their financial goals together.

It is a space where you can learn about managing your finances, have open conversations about money and build a community with each other and with us.

1.4 How can I become a part of Oraan?

You can become part of Oraan by applying for an Oraan Committee. 

  1. Once you have applied, we will reach out to you to make your booking and ask for basic documents.
  2. We will verify your documents and check your eligibility.
  3. Based on your eligibility, we will offer you an OC plan that suits your needs. 
  4. You will be able to review and accept your OC plan on the Oraan app and start saving!

The Oraan App will help you manage your Oraan Committee by giving you access to your savings and transaction history.  We’ll be here to guide you through the entire process.

1.5 Can I trust Oraan?

More than 100,000 Pakistanis trust Oraan.

We are an SECP (Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan) registered company and Shariah certified by Safwa Shariah Advisory (Pvt.) Ltd. 

We have a trustworthy network of savers. This is because we verify each Oraan Saver to make sure you and everyone else stays safe. And committee records are available on our app. 
You can easily access our policies and terms and conditions. And, for more information about Oraan, you can visit our website and our social media channels.
And you don’t have to just trust our word! You can see the user testimonials below:

You can also see the reviews left by customers on our website!

1.6 Do I have to download the Oraan App to be part of Oraan?


The app will help you keep track of your Oraan Committees and your transactions. It makes it easier for you to pay your monthly installments, too, and build your financial identity.

1.7 What does the Oraan app help me do?

The app makes your Oraan journey easier. 

You can apply for an Oraan Committee and you can keep track of all your current and completed committees, as well. 

It is easier to get verified on the app and pay your monthly instalments. 
And you can get updates on your journey.

1.8 How secure is the information I provide to Oraan?

At Oraan, your security comes first. 
We make sure that all your information remains secure and that your unique identifiers are encrypted.

1.9 I want to speak to an agent. How do I contact them?

Your Oraan team is here to guide you! For any support you need:

📞 Call us on 02137130287

📱 WhatsApp us on +92300-1267226.

Or you can reach out to our agents. Use the lists below to find an agent or to validate our team numbers.

For general information about Oraan, your Customer Support team is here to answer all your questions:

Ali Minhal923051623293
Syed Owais Ahmed923028256205

If you have are saving with an Oraan Committee and you have a query regarding Payouts, instalments and refunds, contact our operations team:

Junaid Ahmed Quraishi923054158581
Anam Raza923008567226
Mustafa Nadeem923201201376

If you have applied for an Oraan Committee and have a question about your booking and confirmation, please contact our Bookings team.

Sehrish Daniyal923011151779
Hamza Ali923001567226
Adil Zikrullah923092229858
Shahzoor Ali923000667226
Ameer Hamza923001367226
Yousuf Ahmed923268089001
Hamza Ahmed923202677896
Sadaf Hassan923268094503

For queries about our verification process, reach out to our agents in the verification department:

Ali Zaib923268094504

To speak to our recovery department, contact our agents:

Hasham Khan923018567226
Syed Zulfiqar Ali Shah923036667226

Our office hours are from 9:30am to 6:30pm – Monday to Friday.

2. Oraan Committees

2.1 How can I start saving with an Oraan Committee?

You can start saving in 3 simple steps

  1. Apply for an Oraan Committee. 

Choose how much you want to save every month and how long you want to save for, and select the Payout month of your choice.

  1. Get verified.

You will need to submit your CNIC and provide basic documents, for example, household income proof and address proof. 

  1. Start saving. 

Send your monthly instalments and get your Payout on time!

2.2 How long will it take for my Oraan Committee application to be approved?

Your Oraan Committee application will be approved in 3-4 working days, once we have verified your profile.

After you fill out your application, you will be asked to submit your CNIC (front and back, original), a selfie (only checked by female staff if you have pardah requirements), how you make money aka occupation, saving purpose and app permissions.

After that your application will be submitted. Your application will then be reviewed by our bookings team and they will call you to ask you for more information if needed. After passing this stage your application will be considered booked.

Then the verification team will go through your documents, passing this stage will move you to the approved status. Once your application is approved you will need to accept the application to signal you are ok with your OC plan.

Once you accepted you can start your committee with Oraan!

Don’t worry our agents will guide you through the process.

2.3 Can I be part of more than one Oraan Committee at a time?

Yes, depending on your eligibility and your Pay Score. 

If you pay your instalments on time and have a high Pay Score, you will be able to take part in multiple committees at the same time. 

Usually, Oraan Savers take part in two committees at a time.

2.4 What happens in an Oraan Committee if other members don’t pay?

Don’t worry, you will still be able to continue saving and get your Oraan Payout on time.  

We also verify each Saver to make sure this does not happen. This is what makes Oraan Committees better than the traditional committee.

2.5 Can my family and friends be part of an Oraan Committee too?

Yes! Oraan is for everyone. They can download the Oraan App and sign up for a committee.

2.6 Where can I see my Oraan Committee details?

You can see all your Oraan Committee details on your Oraan app in the ‘OCs’ tab.

2.7 How much can I save in a month with Oraan Committees?

We recommend our Savers to opt for instalments that are 10% of their monthly household income.

We always try our best to give you your prefered monthly instalment amount and take your requirements into consideration.

We have an eligibility criteria that also makes sure that you are able to comfortably save every month. We take into consideration your household income and when you want your Payout. 

2.8 How long can I save for in an Oraan Committee?

Oraan Committees are short and quick! Currently, we offer two options: 5-month long OCs and 10-month long OCs.

You can choose your duration when you apply for an Oraan Committee. 

3. Why is my Application in progress?

Great news! You’re just a few steps away from completing your application for review by the Oraan Team. Let’s get you there! Here’s what you need to submit:

  • CNIC Back and Front with selfie
  • App Permission to generate a risk score
  • Occupation
  • Saving purpose

CNIC Back and Front with selfie

This helps us verify your identity securely. Rest assured, your details are only visible to relevant team members. Plus, female profiles are exclusively handled by our female team members, ensuring complete shariah compliance.

App Permissions

To protect you and assess your credit risk, Oraan needs one-time access to your installed apps and accounts. Don’t worry, we never view or store your personal data, and we respect your privacy. Read more here.


By knowing your occupation, we can create a tailored profile for you and recommend the best plans that suit your financial situation.

Saving Purpose

Understanding your saving goals allows us to suggest better options that might be available for you.

You’re almost there, and we’re excited to help you on your financial journey with Oraan!

4. Instalments, Fees and Pay Score

4.1 What is a monthly instalment?

A monthly instalment is the money you save each month with your Oraan Committee.

You can choose the amount you want to save every month when you are applying for an Oraan Committee on the Oraan app.

Once your OC starts, your instalment will be due by the 15th of every month.

Do you have a sum of Money you want but not sure how much it is monthly? Use the calculator below:


4.2 What is the due date to pay the monthly instalment for an Oraan Committee?

All monthly instalments for Oraan Committees are due by the 10th of each month.

4.3 What is a Pay Score?

Your Pay Score shows you how strong your saving skills are. 

The score goes up when you pay your monthly Oraan Committee instalments on time. It goes down when your payments are late. 

Tip: By keeping your Pay Score up, you can qualify for early Payout months as well.

4.4 How much service fee do I have to pay?

We charge service fees depending on the duration of your OC and your Payout month. It is charged as a percentage of your monthly instalment amount. When you apply for your Oraan Committee, you will be informed on the Oraan app about the fee you have to pay. It will be added to your monthly instalment amount.  

Example: Rabia wants to save Rs 10,000 for 10 months. She wants her committee in the 3rd slot which means 1.7% fee. So Rabia’s monthly instalment amount will be 1,1700 including fee that she will pay every month.

💡Pro tip: We offer discounts on the monthly fee to our loyal members who have high Pay Scores and have saved in an Oraan Committee for 10 months or more. To become eligible for discount, make sure you keep your Pay Score high and keep saving with Oraan. Learn more about discounts.

Here is a breakdown of the new fee structure:

10 month Oraan Committee

SlotMonthly fees as a percentage of your Payout amount
It is added to your monthly installment amount and is due every month.

5 month Oraan Committee

Monthly fees as a percentage of your Payout amount
It is added to your monthly installment amount and is due every month.
Please note monthly fees is a percentage of Payout and it is collected with your monthly installment.

4.5 Does Oraan offer discounts?

Yes! We now offer discounts on the monthly fee to our loyal members who have successfully participated in an Oraan Committee for 10 months or more. Customers who have a 90% Pay Score or higher, are eligible for discounts.


Look out for discounted slots when you sign up for your Oraan Committee on the Oraan app. You can always improve your Pay Score by making sure that you send your monthly installments with the fee amount before the due date.

5. Oraan Committee Payouts

5.1 What is an Oraan Payout?

Your Payout month is the one in which ‘app ki committee khulti hai‘. At Oraan, you can select your Payout month when you are applying for your Oraan Committee. In your Payout month, you will receive the total amount that you have been saving with us in the OC.

Payouts are sent out between the 11-18th of your Payout month.

5.2 Can I choose the month for my Oraan Payout?

Absolutely! You can choose your preferred payout month when you sign up for your OC.

We try our best to give you the Payout month you want based on eligibility requirements and limited availability.

Here’s a pro tip: If you keep sending your monthly instalments on time, you can improve your Pay Score and become eligible for early payout months in the future. 

5.3 In which month can I get my Oraan payout?

Oraan Payout slots depend on availability and eligibility. Your eligibility is based on your verification process.

You can choose your preferred month and if you meet the eligibility criteria, we will ensure you get your payout on time

5.4 I’m already confirmed for an Oraan Committee but I want to change the payout month. Is that possible?

You can contact us on our official number +923001267226 to discuss the changes you want. 

We can’t promise anything, but we can try our best to help you change your payout month.

5.5 How will Oraan send me my Payout?

Our Oraan team will contact you before your payout month to get your bank account details. Your payout will then be transferred to your bank account during your payout month.

You can also choose to have you Payout sent to your Easypaisa or JazzCash account if your Payout amount is below PKR 25,000. If your Payout is more than PKR 25,000, please make sure your account limit is above that amount or provide a bank account, instead.

Note: You do not have to send your instalment in your Payout month. It will be deducted from your Payout amount. If you send your instalment, it will be stored as an advance payment for your next due instalment. Refunds will only be issued if you are in the last month of your OC.

5.6 Can I take back-to-back Oraan Committee payouts?

Sorry, right now we are only able to give payouts with a 3-month gap in the middle.

5.7 When will Oraan send me my Payout?

Oraan sends Payouts between the 11th to 18th.

If you are a new member and you have chosen to receive your Payout in the first month of your Oraan Committee, you will receive your Payout between the 15th and 18th of the month.

For all other members, Payouts are sent between the 11th and 15th of the month.

If you are a Gold Star member with a high Pay Score, you may even get an your Payout early!

5.8 Do I have to send my instalment in my Payout month?

You do not have to send your monthly instalment in your Payout month as it will be deducted from your Payout amount.

For example: if your monthly instalment is PKR 5,000 and your Payout amount is PKR 50,000; you will receive PKR 45,000

If you send your instalment it will be stored as an advance payment for your next due instalment. It will only be refunded if you are in the last month of your OC.

6. Verification

6.1 What documents are required for verification for Oraan Committees?

We only ask for essential documents to make the process easy for you.

When you apply for the first time, we’ll request your CNIC front and back. Once submitted, you won’t need to provide it again!

After reviewing your application, we might ask for some additional information, such as proof of address and proof of income. Here’s a list of documents we accept, and your Oraan agent will guide you on which ones are needed based on your profile:

  • Utility bill
  • Salary slip
  • Driver’s license
  • Mess bills
  • Business receipts
  • Bank statement

For example, if you are a housewife, we might ask for proof of your financial resources to ensure you can comfortably pay your committee. This could be your mobile wallet statements, bank statements, or your husband’s bank statement if you choose the first slot.

Rest assured, all the information you share with us is kept safe and confidential, and is only used to help you become a successful saver!

We’re here to support you every step of the way!

6.2 Why does Oraan require my documents?

We ask for documents to keep you and the Oraan Community safe. We use them to verify the identity of all the members in the community, and to help you build your financial profile.

6.3 What is credolab and why do I have to give the Oraan app permissions?

To protect our members and to assess your credit risk, Oraan requires one-time access to your your installed Apps, and Registered Accounts. We never view or store your personal data and we respect your privacy. Anonymised and pseudonymised data is shared with CredoLab Pte Ltd. to assess your credit risk.

Oraan sends this metadata to CredoLab, a secure credit analysis service provider. Oraan DOES NOT see or store this data. CredoLab analyzes the data and provides Oraan with a risk score. We use this score as part of our decision making process to review your Oraan Committee application.

By enabling access to Registered Accounts which might include Social Accounts and Installed Applications, CredoLab will collect data to better evaluate your application. This information is only accessed once, collected in the form of metadata, and used to calculate a more accurate risk score.

How is this data used?

We use the data as part of our decision process to assess your creditworthiness for a committee with us and build your Oraan Score.

We may also use your data to assess your interest in receiving financial services through algorithms and mathematical modelling.

What data is collected?

We collect data from your phone to provide a segmented risk profile and generate aggregated statistical information.

To protect your identity, we remove all personal identifiers (if any) and pseudonymised such information. Any metadata processed in this way cannot be used to reproduce the original data collected.

This data is ONLY used for the purpose outlined above and is protected from unauthorized usage and disclosure.

Is the data collected shared with any third party?

The data collected is shared with selected providers of data analytics services. The service providers are described below:
CredoLab Pte Ltd.

Our mobile technology may count the number of registered accounts, including your social accounts. However, we will only NOT access the social media profiles and we will NOT analyse the information in the applications connected with them.


CredoLab’s privacy policy is available here.

To read more about Oraan’s privary policy, click here.

6.4 What is risk score?

A risk score checks the eligibility of our members. You will be asked to complete your risk score depending on your Payout month.

6.5 Why does Oraan ask for my references?

We ask for references so that we can build a trustworthy network of savers. References are a mandatory requirement in our verification process. 

Your references can be a colleague, a relative and even a friend.

6.6 Will Oraan call my references?

Yes. But don’t worry, we will reach out to your references and only ask them simple questions that will help us verify your identity. This  will help us build a trustworthy network of Savers.

6.7 What documents can I use to show my proof of address?

We ask for your proof of address as part of our verification process. It helps us assess your eligibility and create a safe and secure community for our Savers.

You can provide proof of address in different formats.

If the following are in your name, you can share one of them:

  • Courier parcel label
  • Drivers license
  • Bank statement

The following documents can be provided for proof of address even if they are not in your name:

  • Mess Bills 
  • Rent/mortgage/lease agreement
  • Utility bill

7. My Oraan Account

7.1 How can I delete an existing account?

If you would like to delete an account, please reach out to us on our official number +923001267226.

Please note that if you are in an ongoing Oraan Committee, deleting your account will not remove you from the OC. 

7.2 The app is showing me incorrect information about my Oraan Committee. What should I do?

Please share the screenshot of the issue that you are facing with us on our official number +923001267226  and our team will fix it for you.

7.3 How can I reset my password/ or I forgot my password What should I do?

To reset your passcode, please click on the button “🔘 Forgot Passcode” and you will receive a reset OTP🔗(one time password) via SMS if you are based in Pakistan and WhatsApp is you are based outside of Pakistan. 

Once you enter the OTP you can change your passcode.

7.4 I’m not getting my OTP. What should I do?

Our team can help you out. Please reach out to us on our support number : +923001267226.

7.5 How can I update my phone number associated with my Oraan Account?

If you’d like to update the phone number associated with your account, you can send a request to our support number +923001267226 or at support@oraan.com Your Oraan team will get it done for you.

7.6 How can I contact Oraan?

The best way to contact Oraan is through WhatsApp or by phone call on our support number +923001267226. 

You can also email us at support@oraan.com.

7.7 How can I update my information on Oraan?

To update your information, please contact Oraan through WhatsApp or by phone call on our support number +923001267226. 

You can also email us at support@oraan.com.

7.8 How can I change my avatar on the Oraan app?

To change your avatar:

  • Log into the Oraan App
  • Click on “Profile” 
  • Tap on your avatar to find options 
  • Select the one that best suits you

7.9 What is an Oraan Passcode?

Oraan Passcode is the password you set for your account. It should be hard to guess but easy for you to remember. You should not share your passcode with anyone else.

7.10 Why is there Face ID/ Touch ID?

We use Face ID to make login easier for you. You can choose to turn off this option in the settings of your Oraan app.

8. Payments and Refunds

8.1 How do I pay for my Oraan Committee instalment?

There are two ways in which you can pay your monthly instalment: Oraan Bill and bank transfer.

To use Oraan Bill:

  1. Click on ‘PAY’ button on the Oraan App homepage. 
  2. Click ‘Pay by Oraan Bill’.
  3. Enter the amount you want to pay. Click ‘Create Oraan Bill’.
  4. Copy your unique Oraan Bill number.
  5. Select your bank.
  6. To complete your payment using your selected bank, follow the steps on Whatsapp 
  7. Complete your payment on your banking app and get an instant confirmation from Oraan.

You can also directly transfer the amount to our bank account. Just make sure to log it on the Oraan App. 

Our account details are: 


Account Number: 0621659001 

IBAN: PK87DUIB0000000621659001 

Branch code: 009

8.2 How do I log my receipt on the Oraan app?

Follow these simple steps to log your receipt

  1. Take a screenshot of your payment receipt
  2. Click on ‘PAY’ on the bottom of the Oraan App homepage. 
  3. Click on ‘Already paid? Log a payment’
  4. Upload your payment receipt
  5. You’ll get a confirmation message from Oraan in 2-3 working days

8.3 I missed my instalment due date, what will happen now?

When you miss the instalment due date, your Pay Score drops.

Please pay your instalment as soon as possible and upload your receipt on the app. You might also be charged a late fee.

8.4 I can only pay my instalment through cash, is it possible?

Currently, cash payments are only possible for Karachi Savers.

You can contact our team for more information and guidance on where to send the money or how to pay digitally.

Our official number is +92300-1267226.

8.5 I don’t have a bank account, what are my options?

That’s okay! Our products work even if you do not have a bank account. You can pay via Jazzcash or Easypaisa or deposit cash to our bank account. Please ensure you take a screenshot of your receipt and upload it to the Oraan App.

For further help, you can contact us on +92300-1267226.

8.6 Can I pay for future months together?

Yes, you can pay your instalment amount for future months together. Please make sure your payment receipt is uploaded on the Oraan app. 

8.7 I’m part of multiple Oraan committees, can I pay for them together?

Yes, you can pay for all your Oraan committees together.

8.8 Do I have to pay my instalment during my payout month?

We recommend that you let us deduct your instalment from your payout and send you the remaining amount.

If you would like to send your instalment in your payout month, you have to send it by the 10th of the month. If we have not received your installment, your payout will be processed with deduction of instalment.

8.9 I have paid for my instalment, what do I do now?

8.11 I am unable to pay my instalment by the due date. What should I do?

Let your Oraan team know. Contact us and let us know when you can pay by and we will guide you further. Our support number is  +92300-1267226.

8.12 What is an Oraan Bill?

Oraan Bill is an easy way to pay your Oraan instalment. The best part is when you pay using Oraan Bill, you get instant confirmation and you do not have to log your receipt on the Oraan app.

Follow these steps to use Oraan Bill:

  1. Click on the ‘PAY’ button on the button of your Oraan app homepage. 
  2. Click ‘Pay by Oraan Bill’.
  3. Enter the amount you want to pay. Click ‘Create Oraan Bill’.
  4. Copy your unique Oraan Bill number.
  5. Select your bank.
  6. You will receive further steps on how to complete your payment with your selected bank on WhatsApp.
  7. Complete your payment on your banking app and get an instant confirmation from Oraan.

8.13 What happens if I can't pay my instalment after taking a payout?

We’re here to help! Contact us so that we can help you build a payment plan. You can reach out to us on our support number +92300-1267226 or email us at support@oraan.com.

8.14 Am I eligible for a refund?

There are a few cases where you will be able to get a refund on your Oraan Committee. 

  • You have not taken an Oraan Payout and wish to discontinue your Oraan Committee.
  • You have paid more than the amount you owe. 
  • There is a discrepancy with your payout amount.

To get a refund, get in touch with the Oraan team and we’ll guide you further. Our number is +923001267226. 

8.15 I have not taken a payout yet but I want to discontinue my Oraan Committee. What are my options?

You can get a refund and discontinue your Oraan Committee. Once you submit your refund request, the refund is processed in 5 working days.

8.16 How long does a refund take?

A refund can take up to 3-5 working days. We try our best to return your amount as soon as possible after your request for a refund is accepted.

9. Forty Weeks Savings Challenge

9.1 What is the 40 week savings challenge?

Oraan’s 40 weeks Savings Challenge is a women-only annual challenge in which members save in a 10 month Oraan Committee. The challenge starts in March 2023 and gives members a chance to save while participating in fun games, winning prizes and getting to know their fellow Savers.


Here is how the challenge works:

1. Once you have signed up and been confirmed for the Savings Challenge, you will be added to your team’s WhatsApp groups on the 26th of February.

 2. Every month you will use your Oraan app to send your monthly instalment and take part in the games that Oraan hosts on the WhatsApp groups.

3. You will receive your Payout in the last month of your 10 month Oraan Committee in December 2023.

4. One lucky member will also win a grand prize of an additional PKR 50,000 at the end of the challenge.

9.2 Do I have to download the Oraan app to take part in the challenge?

Yes, to make your monthly installment payments and to keep track of your OC you have to download the App. 

Once you are confirmed for the challenge, you will see the Committee of Savings Challenge Season 2 on the Oraan App. 

The Oraan app will help you run your OCs efficiently by giving you access to all your OC and payment details.

9.3 What is the duration of the challenge?

The 40 weeks Saving Challenge runs for 10 months, starting in March 2023 and ending in December 2023.

9.4 How does the 40 weeks Saving Challenge work?

The challenge is to save PKR 5,000 every month while playing weekly games with your fellow group members. At the end of the challenge you will have saved PKR 50,000. 

9.5 Can I join another OC while taking part in the challenge? How?

Yes, you can. On your Oraan app home screen, click on the “Apply for another OC” button. You can select your OC monthly instalment, your starting month, your Payout month and your OC duration. Submit your application and our team will guide you through the rest of your journey.

9.6 Are there penalties for late payment of my monthly installment?

Yes, penalties are applicable when your instalment is late after the due date which the 10th of every month. They can be financial or the Oraan team can move/cancel your Payout. If you are unable to pay your instalment by the due date, please inform the Oraan team and penalties can be avoided.

9.7 Is this the first time Oraan is hosting the 40 Weeks Saving Challenge?

The first season of the savings challenge took place in 2022 in which 500+ women saved over PKR 250,00000+.

You can see their reviews, and feedback on our Facebook Community.


9.8 Can I join more than once? I want to save more money.

Yes, you can join the challenge more than once. If you have two entries for the challenge, your total monthly installment will be PKR 10,000 and your Payout in December will be PKR 100,000. However, you will only be part of one WhatsApp group and your chances of winning the grand prizes will be the same as everyone else taking part in the challenge. 

9.9 What happens if I drop out?

You will be refunded with the payments you have made to Oraan.

9.10 How will I know when I have been confirmed to take part?

Once you have completed the sign up form, you will be informed on WhatsApp about your confirmation in less than five days.

You will also be able to see the approved committee on your Oraan app and find the details of the Savings Challenge OC in the OCs tab in the app. 

By Feb 26th, 2023 you will be added into your teams, and then the fun begins.

9.11 How will I get my payout?

You can get your payout via Easypaisa, JazzCash, and Bank Transfer. Oraan will reach out to you to get these details in November 2023.

9.12 Can I apply for season 2 from the app directly?

For this challenge, you can only apply via the form, you can find it here:  http://bit.ly/3jupsQM