Did You Know?

Thousands of Oraan Savers save for weddings

Why is my Application in progress?

Great news! You’re just a few steps away from completing your application for review by the Oraan Team. Let’s get you there! Here’s what you need to submit:

  • CNIC Back and Front with selfie
  • App Permission to generate a risk score
  • Occupation
  • Saving purpose

CNIC Back and Front with selfie

This helps us verify your identity securely. Rest assured, your details are only visible to relevant team members. Plus, female profiles are exclusively handled by our female team members, ensuring complete shariah compliance.

App Permissions

To protect you and assess your credit risk, Oraan needs one-time access to your installed apps and accounts. Don’t worry, we never view or store your personal data, and we respect your privacy. Read more here.


By knowing your occupation, we can create a tailored profile for you and recommend the best plans that suit your financial situation.

Saving Purpose

Understanding your saving goals allows us to suggest better options that might be available for you.

You’re almost there, and we’re excited to help you on your financial journey with Oraan!