Did You Know?

41% of Pakistanis save in committees?

What is an Oraan Committee (OC)?

Oraan Committee is a digital savings platform where members pool their savings together to achieve financial goals. It’s a modern adaptation of traditional committees or beesees.

Can I choose my contribution amount?

Yes, you can choose your monthly installment amount based on your financial capacity and savings goals.

Is Oraan a loan app?

No, Oraan is not a loan app. It’s a savings platform where members contribute and receive savings collectively, without involving interest or debt.

What are the duration options for an OC?

You can opt to save for either 5 months or 10 months, depending on your savings goal and timeline.

Is Oraan Safe?

Yes, Oraan prioritizes the safety and security of members’ funds and personal information. We use robust encryption and verification processes to ensure a secure platform for all members.