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81% of Pakistani women are unbanked

Want a chance to win great prizes?
Join an Oraan Committee today and get a chance to win a GOLD COIN


Q: Who is eligible for the Lucky Draw
A: Everyone, who applies for an Oraan Committee starting August.

Q: How to enter in the Lucky Draw?
A: Apply for an Oraan Committee using this Link and start an Oraan Committee from August.
Apply Here: bit.ly/3OAB55K

Q: I just started an Oraan Committee from August
A:  Great ! Your name is already in the Lucky draw.

Q: Will there be one lucky draw on 15th Aug or multiple lucky draws till 15th August.
A:  1 Lucky draw on 15th August / Multiple Lucky draws till 15th August.

Q: Last Day to apply for an Oraan Committee is:
A:  14th August.

Q: If I win the Lucky Draw, when will I get the Gold Coin.

A: After completion of your Oraan Committee (If you win, we will give you a token of confirmation, and your Gold Coin will be kept safe with Oraan until the completion of your Committee).

Q: How can I apply, since the team said I’m not eligible for another Oraan Committee
A: You can apply for a late slot Oraan Committee.

Q: How will I get the Gold Coin after completion of my Oraan Committee if I’m not in Karachi
A: Oraan’s out team will reach out to you and share details of handover.

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