Did You Know?

41% of Pakistanis save in committees?

What is the 40 week savings challenge?

Oraan’s 40 weeks Savings Challenge is a women-only annual challenge in which members save in a 10 month Oraan Committee. The challenge starts in March 2023 and gives members a chance to save while participating in fun games, winning prizes and getting to know their fellow Savers.


Here is how the challenge works:

1. Once you have signed up and been confirmed for the Savings Challenge, you will be added to your team’s WhatsApp groups on the 26th of February.

 2. Every month you will use your Oraan app to send your monthly instalment and take part in the games that Oraan hosts on the WhatsApp groups.

3. You will receive your Payout in the last month of your 10 month Oraan Committee in December 2023.

4. One lucky member will also win a grand prize of an additional PKR 50,000 at the end of the challenge.