Did You Know?

41% of Pakistanis save in committees?

What documents are required for verification for Oraan Committees?

We only ask for basic documents.

When you apply for the first time, we’ll ask for your CNIC front and back. We’ll keep it on record so you won’t have to provide it again.

Once we have reviewed your application, we may ask for some additional information, such as proof of address and proof of income.

The documents we accept for proof of address and proof of income are listed below. Your Oraan agent will specify which document is required from you based on your profile.

  • Utility bill
  • Salary slip
  • Drivers license 
  • Mess Bills
  • Business receipts
  • Bank statement

We assure you that all the information you give us is kept safe and confidential and only used to help you become a great saver!